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One Stop Industrial Automation Sdn Bhd always work closely with our manufacturers to provide excellent quality and service to our customer to provide “One Stop Solution Towards Automation” in the future. One Stop Industrial Automation Sdn Bhd will target numbers of factories located in central region and klang valley since the first three years. Instead of the core business market is targeting toward our e-commerce. Therefore, we will always ready to expand our concentration to the northern region in the coming year and southern area in Malaysia and thought-out the South East Asia country like Philippine,Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam in future. Since our company will always strive for high standards in service and technical expertise with quick availability of stock and fast delivery and high level of customer support. Our strength lies in our ability to anticipate future trend and be ready to provide product ahead of its time. In practice, we will supplying several of standard and non-standard items industries problem solving. In view of increasing demand from the industrial sector for prompt services and support,  In our company, keeping various stock on mostly common items with variation of sizes among with product range over 630,000 variations.


One Stop Industrial Automation Sdn Bhd also become a platform for talented people to work out their creativity to the highest potential with our employment philosophy is :-

...Employ the best..., Enjoy the best.., always work with One Stop , One spirit and One Team


One Stop Industrial  Automation Sdn Bhd is the first industrial concept store in the pneumatic line which is located in central of Malaysia-Puchong. We combine the most famous multi brands of pneumatic components and we are also an distributor and dealer of the world renowned of pneumatic components such as SMC, CKD, KGN , Festo, Pisco, Parker, Koganei , Airtac , Camozzi , Metalwork and Herion. This separates such a store from a retail business that usually offers many of the new products from one year to the next with the concept ideas since year 2005.


Our pneumatic concept store is a retail store that will go beyond simply selling products and instead appeals to a general  products to match the desires of those involved in a particular machine design equipment rather than simply offering a selection of standard products for purchase, our type of store sells products that appeal to a particular segment of customers and in our concept store typically has a single  vision for our group it is appealing to, such as high end product in automotive, oil & gas industrial and pharmaceutical industrial as well.


In our concept store that is meant to appeal those with an interest in high end product range and example,  we might offer equipments by well-known design, as well as our system set up solution included world wide famous brand SMAC and CKD in heavy duty product like servo pneumatic positioning systems which require to control high power density.


One Stop Industrial Automation Sdn Bhd is able to offer one the widest ranges of product such as air control system to satisfy any automation component requirement to the customer may have. The range  has been enhanced recently includes coil moving actuator SMAC. Moreover, Our vast experience and comprehensive capabilities can solve problem in many field and enhance the convenience of modern life. We will continue to work hard to embed our emerging technologies in factory automation and to meet the ever more sophisticated needs of our customers as their industries advanced into the future.